The American healthcare system is broken. People in this country are increasingly growing sicker and in pain. B3 Medical has a mission to be different — to create a model that fosters wellness, rather than waiting for patients to experience pain. Since we first opened our doors, B3 Medical has been changing lives, and we want to help more people using our innovative model of healthcare that transforms the way we see our health and our bodies.

Healthcare vs. Sickcare

Most medical clinics focus on fixing a health problem, but without an emphasis on prevention or maintenance. At B3 Medical, we often compare your health to car ownership. You probably take your car in for service regularly — changing the oil, rotating tires, checking the engine — but what about your health?

Beyond treating illness and injury, we work with our patients to prevent problems in the first place and help them live at peak performance. We take an integrative approach to healthcare, utilizing practitioners from the fields of conventional medicine, chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, exercise, massage and soft-tissue therapy, nutrition, and psychology.

“Everything we do is based on how do can maximize performance and get you moving. My belief is that movement is life,” says Dr. Timothy Bain, co-founder of B3 Medical. “And if they’re not able to move, all sorts of things in the body start to break down.”

Sports Medicine For All

At B3 Medical we treat top athletes, from figure skaters to the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. However, we treat all patients with a sports medicine mindset from the get-go. Dr. Bain believes that life is a sport. Whatever you love doing, whether it’s gardening, playing with your grandkids, walking the dog – that’s your sport, and our doctors help you optimize your performance in life.

With an emphasis on ongoing, regular wellness visits, our physicians work with patients so that their body is primed to heal naturally. Keeping the body active and moving are the keys to optimal health and wellness for the patient as a whole.

Come and discover the B3 difference for yourself. If you’re ready to live your life feeling and performing your best, contact us today.