Modern chiropractic care is a highly respected form of healthcare that involves so much more than just spinal adjustments. Chiropractors employ a wide range of treatments intended to heal the body, including traditional manipulation but also such modalities as neurofeedback, physical therapy, exercise, nutrition counseling, and relaxation techniques. A number of conditions can be treated; read on to learn about chiropractic’s benefits and whether it is right for you.

Is Chiropractic Care Right for You? 14 Reasons to Consider Treatment

1. You Suffer Musculoskeletal Pain

If you’re one of the many people, which some estimates say is up to 85% of us, who experience back pain, neck pain, or chronic headache, a visit to a chiropractor is in order. These doctors specialize in helping patients with pain or injury involving the bones, joints, ligaments, and nerves. Using such therapies as joint manipulation, stretching, manual resistance techniques, and massage, a chiropractor can help reduce or eliminate your pain.

2. You Prefer Noninvasive Treatment

A great benefit of chiropractic is its ability to heal medical problems without the use of surgery or other procedures that introduce instruments into the body. Surgery can be effective for a variety of medical concerns, but it often involves recovery time and comes at great expense, both in terms of the procedures themselves as well as in lost wages. Chiropractic works from the outside in for a more natural and less intrusive form of effective treatment.

3. You Want Natural Pain Relief

Most patients seeking treatment for pain at a traditional physician’s office walk away with a prescription for drugs. Pharmaceuticals effectively treat many conditions, but they can be accompanied by a number of unwanted side effects, and they can be expensive. Some drugs prescribed for pain, such as opioids, may even lead to serious addiction. Chiropractic care gets to the root cause of your discomfort naturally and without using drugs to simply mask the pain.

4. You Seek a Holistic Approach

None of our body’s systems exist independently from all the others. Back and neck pain affects other parts of the body, so chiropractic takes a holistic approach to pain management. By focusing on not only pain relief but also nutritional counseling, rehabilitative exercise, and well-being, a chiropractor treats the whole patient and not just the ailment. Besides pain relief, they offer heat and ice, electrical stimulation, and relaxation to care for the body and mind.

5. You Want Overall Better Health

Chiropractic benefits are so much more than just for your musculoskeletal system. Patients receiving treatment report improved overall muscle strength, a better range of motion for more mobility, and better balance, which is a particularly important benefit for older adults since falls are the leading cause of fatal injury. Additional advantages include a better immune response and blood flow, both of which support overall health.

6. Your Mental Health Matters

Many patients find a greater sense of well-being following treatment. Mental health benefits of chiropractic can include improved mood, more energy, less stress, and a reduced risk of anxiety and depression. The sense of calm and relaxation experienced by chiropractic patients after they begin to feel looser muscles and less pain very often leads to better sleep. Refreshing sleep is a critical component of healthy living.

7. You Experience Digestive Issues

The nervous system plays a major part in the proper functioning of your gastrointestinal system. When your spine is misaligned, the path of certain nerves can be interrupted. An improper nervous function can lead to acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, and other digestive problems. Abdominal issues can be caused by muscle tension in your stomach, which chiropractic works to relieve. Even more serious bowel concerns such as Crohn’s disease can be addressed.

8. Your Lungs Need Support

Muscles in the ribs, torso, and chest all work together to assist us breathe properly; strengthening those muscles in treatment improves the efficiency of our lungs for better respiration. An improperly aligned spine can affect the lungs negatively. Effective chiropractic alignment can open up the lungs with positive results for people who are affected by such diseases as asthma or COPD. Chiropractic won’t cure lung conditions, but it can provide patients significant relief.

9. Your Back is Bothersome

In addition to the spinal manipulation techniques, practitioners are skilled at performing, some chiropractors may offer their back patients the option to try back braces. There are two types of back braces: one used to straighten the spine by correcting spinal curvature, and another to stabilize the core muscles around the spine to reduce pain and promote healing. A custom-fitted brace can help relieve your nagging back pain.

10. You Are Pregnant

Anyone who has been pregnant understands the toll it can take on your body. Chiropractors, some of whom have been specially trained to work with pregnant women, offer therapies that strengthen the back, hips, and other joints and are sure to offer relief to moms-to-be. Chiropractic can treat postural problems that arise when carrying the weight of a pregnancy, and it can help the body reestablish proper pelvic balance and alignment.

11. You Appreciate Cutting-Edge Medicine

Chiropractors stay up to date with the latest treatments in their field. For example, some top treatment centers, such as B3 Medical, offer modern regenerative therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to treat conditions like arthritis and tendonitis. And when expertly combined with mesenchymal stem cells, a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma can treat joint disorders such as chronic knee and ankle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

12. You Have Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic is typically covered by most insurance plans, particularly when you’re receiving care for acute injuries or an accident. Some plans may have dollar or visit limits or may require a referral, so be sure to check your individual policy. Workman’s compensation insurance also typically covers the cost of chiropractic when you are injured on the job and need treatment to get back to work and back to proper health.

13. You Don’t Have Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic treatment is not reserved for those who carry insurance. Most chiropractic treatment is very affordable, and your practitioner can work with you to target your treatment and create a flexible, reasonable payment plan to get you the relief you want. Don’t avoid getting the care you need simply because you don’t have insurance.

14. You Want to Help Your Body Heal Itself

Your body is a magnificent and complex instrument. We have a tendency to try to control our medical issues with drugs, surgery, and other treatments that focus only on solving one problem at a time. Chiropractic trains the body’s systems to work together in mutually supportive ways. A willingness to trust the body’s own healing mechanisms is at the heart of chiropractic and is a major reason millions of Americans turn to chiropractic for natural healing.

The key consideration when choosing a chiropractor is to seek out a treatment center staffed by highly trained medical leaders. The award-winning, highly sought-after doctors at B3 Medical have proven time and again why we are at the top of our field. Call 813-580-PAIN for a consultation today. Come experience our better approach to healthcare and see how we can help you.