Physical Therapy

At B3, the objective of our experienced physical therapists is to assist each patient in regaining or improving their physical abilities. The therapists at B3 offer superior rehabilitative health services for patients recovering from an accident, injury or a stroke, in addition to those managing a chronic illness such as arthritis.

Upon your initial visit, you will receive a complete examination and customized treatment plan specifically designed to fit your needs.

Physical Therapy Services in Tampa
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need physical therapy in tampa
need physical therapy in tampa

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

The main focus of physical therapy is helping patients get back to their normal selves, free from pain, so they can enjoy the daily activities they once used to. The following are just some of the advantages that can come from undergoing physical therapy:

  • Relieve Pain
  • Improve Mobility
  • Prevent Disability or Surgery
  • Prevent or Recover from a Sports Injury

How It Works

Depending on the health problem, our therapists will assist patients with flexibility, strength, pacing, endurance, coordination, and balance. When dealing with an injury, our therapists look at the entire body to ensure your injury is treated at the source, rather than just trying to mask the pain. Therapy may include a number of modalities including stretching, strengthening, and core work. Your physical therapist may also prepare an at-home exercise regimen for you to follow outside of therapy.

Mild soreness or swelling is a normal part of physical therapy until the body adapts to the new activities being performed. Our physical therapist will keep you educated every step of the way to ensure your comfort and pay close attention to your progress to keep you moving toward total restoration and healing.

physical therapy in tampa