Success Stories

When I decided to have my fourth baby in a birthing center I admit I was a little nervous. My third baby was induced a week early and was 9 pounds 3 ounces. Knowing that induction was not in my future I prepared myself for the delivery of what I knew would be a big baby. Five days after my due date we welcomed Brody into the family weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 7 ounces! He was healthy and beautiful and fit right into our family. As soon as he was born I noticed that he did not want to lie on his tummy on my chest – something all of my other children loved and was also not opening his mouth to latch on properly to nurse. At my three day check with my midwife, she suggested I take him in to see Dr. Bain. When he was born he got a little “stuck” and had to be pulled out by the shoulder with a bit of force so we thought it would be a good idea to get him checked out. I called the office the next day and on his fifth day of life, he had his first chiropractic appointment. My mom and I watched as Dr. Bain adjusted Brody kicking and screaming, and then something amazing happened. While Dr. Bain was adjusting him, he completely stopped crying and relaxed his entire body and just laid there for the rest of the time like butter. Dr. Bain suggested I nurse him right away, explaining that a good adjustment works up a hunger, and was blown away by what happened next! He opened his mouth as wide as it would open and latched on like a perfect little nurser! I truly believe that if it were not for Dr. Bain, my best efforts to continue breastfeeding would have failed. Brody is nine months old now and is still nursing, and growing like a weed!

- Stacy Larsen

Dr. Tim, I just wanted to take a minute and again thank you and your team for everything you have done for me. Here is a note of what happened to me and how the tools you provided have opened the doors to new opportunities and a better life. When I first entered your office you and your team welcomed me with open arms. My wife had to help me because I was unable to walk on my own. I was in extreme pain from the middle to the lower back. You spoke to me and told me a little about yourself but to tell you the truth all I cared about was how I was going to get better. As you started with me I thought it was a little different and not really sure if it was going to work but I was willing to give it 100%. I also had to open my mind up to something new (at least to me it was) and different. One of the hardest concepts to understand is the belief that the body actually can and does heal itself. I remember you telling me that I would lose around 30 pounds if I would do a thing you called a cleansing. The first thought was here we go; he is going to start asking me for money for all these crazy formulas. I reminded myself I was going to follow your instructions to the “T” and make sure that I did every little detail correctly. I really wanted to believe that this was going to work. The other thought was if I could lose 30 pounds then why wasn’t everyone doing it? In working your program I was patient and knew that it took me most of my life to get this way and it is going to take me some time to recover. As I started to see some results I began to feel better, more energetic and my mind began to open up to new ideas. You and your team provided me with the tools to improve my body and my life but it was up to me to take the tools and start to allow my body to heal itself. Once I began to realize that I can truly make a difference within myself and actually begin to transform myself, I began to have a vision of how I was going to heal and the goals I began to set for myself would be realistic. As I was going through the process I began to realize that I was transforming and becoming a self-healer (what I mean is you begin to see that your body has taken care of itself). My body was only craving the good stuff and no more junk. I let you worry about my body and I began to worry about my mind. I believed 100% and I have benefited from the results. I have taken the tools you have provided and have taken it to the next level. The possibilities are endless for me and I see things in a different light. I think clearer, much happier and full of life again. My experience has been a positive one because I opened my mind up to new ideas and believed in what you and your team had to offer.

- Jeff Pareja

A little over a month ago I was a walking physical mess; unable to stand, sit or walk without excruciating pain. I was tired all the time, the color of my skin was ashen, suffering frequent migraines, wicked heartburn, trouble sleeping. All of these physical problems caused me to be very mentally depressed as well. To further add to my problems, I had been diagnosed with irritable bowel at a very young age and to add insult to injury I was also entering menopause. The doctor told me that there was no cure and gave me Naproxen for the pain and Valium for the depression. I was miserable this way and I did not want to spend the rest of my life like this. Then a blessing occurred; I was introduced to Dr. Tim Bain on June 14, 2006. Dr. Tim explained that most of my troubles were being caused by my colon not working properly. He asked me how many times a day I was having a bowel movement. I laughed and said once every two days or once a week if that. He explained that this was the root of the evil. The waste was not leaving and was, in fact, seeping into my body. Also, because my body was not processing food correctly, I was not getting the nutrients from the food I was eating. The first step was to get my colon cleaned out and working properly. Dr. Tim explained that with the spinal adjustments and cleansing products I could begin on the road to recovery. Amazingly only one month later I FEEL GREAT!!!!! I have been having regular bowel movements at least twice a day, I can walk without pain, no more heartburn, I am sleeping through the night, and the migraines are gone. Thanks to Dr. Tim I feel healthier and happier than I have ever felt. I recommend Dr. Tim to everyone I meet. HE’S GREAT!!!!

- Kathy McDougall

Our son was born prematurely at 1LB 3oz. We were told by a number of pediatricians that our son would be more susceptible to illness due to his slower development being a “preemie”. For two years we were in and out of a number of pediatrician’s offices, filling antibiotic prescriptions that would work for two weeks only to see us return for the same or similar symptoms and another stop at the pharmacist. September of 2004 marked 2 and a half years of the same cycle. We made arrangements to meet with Dr. Bain to see if there was any alternative or help he could offer. Our son suffered from what doctors called ear infections, flux and yeast infections or “thrush” on his tongue. Our first visit with Dr. Bain and Joanne was a different experience than walking into a doctor’s office and walking out with a prescription for the next medicine that would “help”. Within two weeks of our first visit, his symptoms were gone and he was healthier by the day. There will always be skeptics for trying new or different things; this is definitely one thing I am not skeptical about.

- J.B. and Tiffany Howell

When our oldest daughter was four, allergy testing was done due to her constantly suffering from allergy-like symptoms. The test results showed that she was allergic to the common household allergens (dust, molds, mites, pet dander etc.). We immediately started her on medications: Singular, Claritin and Nasonex nasal spray. While on these medications, she continued to suffer and was diagnosed with several sinus infections; for which she was prescribed antibiotics. After one year of treatment and no resolution, the allergist informed us that the only option was allergy injections (shots). Not wanting to put our four-year-old through this, we began looking for alternative treatments. We were referred to Bain Family Chiropractic by friends that had experienced positive results through treatment from Dr. Bain. Reluctantly, we asked, “why would we send our child to the chiropractor for allergy treatment?” We were always under the impression that chiropractors treated adult back and neck pain. After an initial consultation with Dr. Bain, we began to see an alternative but were still quite skeptical. We’d comment, “This seems too good to be true; could it really be this simple?” After a lot of internet research, we called Dr. Bain several times with additional questions and concerns. Still not totally convinced, we then talked with several patients of his who shared their experiences with us. What did we have to lose; a painless procedure that might actually work? We decided to begin chiropractic treatment and give Dr. Bain’s “program” a try. Based on his recommendations, we modified our daughter’s diet, vitamins and committed to regular office visits. This was a “walk in the park” compared to hours of waiting in doctors’ offices, trips to the drug store and still having a sick child. It was almost immediate that we began to notice a change. In the first month, we gradually weaned her off all three allergy medications. Through painless treatments and dietary modifications, her immune system has strengthened substantially! She finally has the new ability to fight off illnesses and has been medication free for months now. Our new motto is “My spine’s in line. I’m feeling fine.” This all began so our daughter wouldn’t have to have allergy shots, but has now become part of our family identity. Our entire family visits Dr. Bain regularly and our visits are always enjoyable. The office and staff are very child-friendly. As parents, it’s a relief to know that you can achieve outstanding results without using needles and medications. Thank you Bain Family Chiropractic for giving us a healthy family and a new view on alternative medicine!

- Greg and Barbara

I joined BNI Networking group in February of 2009, and in the spring was fortunate enough to hear your presentation about your business, practice and philosophy. I was overcome by your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of health and wellness and I had the feeling that if you were that passionate about your health and life philosophy, there must be something to it. I have always felt that the medical profession was lacking by not promoting wellness through nutrition, exercise, and supplements, rather than prescribing medications. Your diagnosis was right on target and I began, what I thought was going to be a journey of therapy and rehabilitation. I will never forget our first appointment where you stated that your goal was to make me better than I was before the accident through treatment, rehabilitation and lifestyle. I then began my program with you and your outstanding staff including your administrative personnel, massage therapists and physical therapists. In addition, you complimented everything with a diet and exercise program that would assist in my overall wellness. I had no idea that this experience would literally be life-altering for my health and me. I began following your diet and exercise routine, coupled with treatment and rehabilitation as well as workout routines given to me by your staff for use on my own and the results were astounding. I lost weight, had more energy and felt better than I had in years. It has now been 7 months, I have just consolidated some life insurance and had to have a physical for my new policy, and in the process, I found the lab blood analysis that came with the old policy issued in 1995. My blood work today is far better than the blood work 14 years ago, and in addition, the new policy was issued at a Preferred rating, almost unheard of for a man of my age. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for what you have done for me. I intend to live out my life following your lifestyle prescription and will do all I can to influence others to do the same.

- Dan Rinaldo