Sports Injury Rehab in Tampa, FL

At B3, our founder and sports medicine specialist, Dr. Tim Bain, works to promote physical fitness and is also considered an expert when it comes to the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

The experts at B3 Medical understand what it takes for elite athletes to achieve peak physical and mental condition. Our experts tap into their knowledge and use it to create training programs for young athletes, weekend warriors and professional athletes. We use an effective combination of individual functional assessments, neurological and orthopedic evaluations, and nutritional work ups to provide comprehensive, specialized programs.

Sports Medicine Services in Tampa
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sports medicine in tampa
sports medicine in tampa

Our Sports Medicine Services Include:

  • Exercise for Health
  • Recommendations for Training and Nutrition
  • Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment

The sports medicine services at B3 Medical are all about helping athletes optimize performance and reach their goals. Our approach to sports medicine is an integrative one that helps young and seasoned athletes reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Our Approach to Athletic Recovery and Performance

As a leader in sports recovery and performance, we employ cutting-edge strategies designed to enhance sports function, reduce injuries and increase performance. Through our unique assessments and training programs, we are able to assist athletes in maximizing their potential. Our experience working with athletic trainers and directors allows us to support your athletic growth and seamlessly integrate into an existing program.

Our Philosophy on Nutrition

Nutrients are what fuel a great athlete. Any athletes that are looking to improve their overall wellness and performance should take a close look at their diet to make sure they’re getting the necessary nutrients. Here at B3, we simplify the role of nutrition by breaking it down into primary components and educating our patients on proper nutrition habits in an effort to yield superior results for our patients and help them maintain good health.

Sports Medicine in Tampa, FL