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Why B3 Medical

At B3 Medical, we believe life is about being healthy and pain-free so you can enjoy the activities you love. Our job is to provide the most effective, innovative, and non-surgical approaches to help you get there.

We strive to educate our patients, so they can make the right choices for their health. We explore every non-surgical option, before even considering surgery. We work to get to the source of the pain, not mask it with prescription medications. We’re experts in nutrition and therapies, so you can perform at your best.

We’re committed to helping you make the right choices to enjoy an active, pain-free life.

Our Premier Therapies

Why Tampa Bay Turns To The Innovative Doctors of B3 Medical

From the Tampa Bay Lightning, to the casual athlete, to the senior citizen with joint pain – people across Tampa Bay are turning to the doctors of B3 Medical. The 3 key reasons:

  • Innovative – We believe in non-surgical, progressive and non-opiod. We look for non-surgical solutions. We work to fix the source of the pain, not mask it with prescription medications.
  • Empowering – We teach. We share. We empower. It is our goal to educate our patients and share our knowledge on how to live a truly healthy life, rather than only see you when you’re sick.
  • Compassion – We love what we do. It is our passion to help people get back to the activities they really love, healthy and pain-free.
Timothy Bain, DC, FAAIM, CCSP, EMHL

Kim Frey
Timothy Bain, DC, FAAIM, CCSP, EMHL
When the Tampa Bay Lightning players want a doctor they can trust, they turn to Dr. Tim Bain. He’s the doctor in the Lightning locker room during games, keeping the players healthy and on the ice.

And caring for the Lightning players is just one of Dr. Bain’s passions.

Dr. Timothy “Tim” Bain believes that he is called to relieve the suffering of others while exploring new ways to create healthy lifestyles for his patients. His mission is to empower and educate everyone while leading the charge to transform healthcare in the Tampa Bay Area.

A skilled practitioner, Dr. Bain is the co-founder of B3 Medical and the medical director and co-founder of The Athletes Compound at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida.

A former research scientist with the National Institute of Health, Dr. Bain holds a Brown University Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) certification, and has both a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University and a B.S in Biology with a focus in Psychology from Manhattan College.

Edgar Ramirez, MD, DABAPM

Dr. Edgar Ramirez Pagan
Edgar Ramirez, MD, DABAPM
Dr. Edgar Ramirez has spent more than twenty years in the Tampa area treating people suffering from intense physical pain. Dr. Ramirez is Board-Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology with a Certification in Anesthesiology as well as an American Board of Anesthesiology Sub-certificate in Pain Medicine (Anesthesiology) from the University of Florida.

As the medical director of B3 Medical, Dr. Ramirez is a leader in all aspects of interventional pain management, from nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation (RFA), percutaneous decompression and spinal cord stimulation.

Dr. Edgar Ramirez truly cares about improving the quality of life for his patients and this motivates him to continue to innovate how medications can be used judiciously and safely to mitigate the agony of people in constant pain.

Dr. Ramirez is a recognized leader in the practice of Interventional Pain Management and is highly motivated to provide the best care possible for his patients.

A family man, Dr. Ramirez is a Tampa Lighting and Florida Gators fan and an avid boater. He was born and raised in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and loves living and practicing medicine in Florida.

Michele Pescasio, MD

Michele Pescasio, MD

Top Doctors Badge in Tampa

Dr. Michele Pescasio has been elected by her peers to Tampa Bay Metro’s Best Doctors® List for her outstanding work as a family and sports medicine physician and medical educator at B3 Medical.

Her passion to help athletes of all ages and her reputation as a superlative family medicine practitioner is why Dr. Pescasio was recognized as a Top Doctor by the Tampa Bay Metro Magazine in 2018.

Board-certified in family and sports medicine, Dr. Pescasio is in great demand as an educator to train the next generation of sports medicine physicians to ensure that athletes hit the field safely now and for years to come.

Dr. Pescasio’s unparalleled medical experience includes an impressive variety of positions; formerly serving as the team physician for the Tampa Bay Storm, University of South Florida Athletics (including the basketball and football teams), countless area high schools and she is a physician consultant for the NFL Europa.

Dr. Michele Pescasio earned her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine in New York and completed her residency and two fellowships in geriatric medicine and sports medicine at the University of Alabama Medical Center. Dr. Pescasio is a dedicated mother and, with her family, enjoys an active Tampa lifestyle.