Our amazing bodies are designed to rebuild most damaged tissues to recover from injury, but advances in medical technology have provided more directed and regenerative capabilities, especially for tissues that experience a lot of wear and tear or which may be more challenging to heal. When it comes to the injuries and other conditions experienced by athletes, targeted therapeutics like PRP can help facilitate a return to an active lifestyle. How can a regen therapy help athletes?

What is Regenerative Medicine?

When we experience injury, the intelligent design of the body initiates a repair process that includes a variety of cells that flood the area to promote a natural healing process. This includes components like collagen, proteins, growth factors, and cytokines, and while these are usually sufficient for repairing the injured tissues, factors like diet, stress levels, physical conditions, and even lifestyle can determine how and if tissues are repaired properly. Regenerative medicine uses a condensed form of these essential components and combines them with PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, from your own blood for application directly to the injured area.

PRP Treatments at B3 Medical

Regenerative PRP treatment at B3 Medical is a simple, non-surgical procedure with no downtime or lengthy recovery process. With a rapid reduction in pain and inflammation, you can return to normal activity levels while the improved healing environment continues to repair the injury.

  • At B3 Medical, we use Mesenchymal Stem Cells, found in Wharton’s Jelly, which contains a matrix of cells capable of transforming into any cell in the body.
  • These cells are cryopreserved, minimally processed, and tested for viability and safety.
  • Your own blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to isolate growth factors which facilitate and accelerate healing.
  • PRP can be used by itself, or as part of a comprehensive treatment process, and since every patient is different, your physician will create a specific protocol that will be most effective for your condition.

PRP For Athletes

Regenerative medicine involving the use of PRP for athletes is on the rise; a 2013 article published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine reported that 86,000 athletes were treated with the protocol in that year alone. Because athletes are typically more physically fit and agile, and because their joints are exposed to greater forces because of their increased activity levels, it can be especially helpful to be able to rely on fast, supported healing to help repair strong tissues.

Is Regenerative Medicine Right for You?

If you’re an amateur or professional athlete, effective care and fast results are of utmost importance and the outcome will only be as good as the team you employ. At B3 Medical, we take a comprehensive approach to your health that begins with an accurate diagnosis and an integrative approach that includes you as an active member of the team. Contact us today to find out more about how regenerative medicine can get you back into action.