In many cases of reports of back pain and lower body pain, the discomfort is actually caused by pain radiating up or down from the hips. There are dozens of muscles, tendons, and ligaments that overlap a few large bones to form the pelvis, and for some people, weaknesses, imbalances, and injuries can lead to hip pain that can be pretty debilitating. What is the “SI” Joint, and how might SI Fusions be the new procedure to manage these chronic back pain conditions when other treatments fail?

The Pelvis Explained

The human pelvis is mainly the assembly of the two large hip bones, or the ilium, and the sacrum, which is a wedge-shaped mass of fused bones that fit like a keystone between the hips. The shape of the sacrum between the hip bones allows the pelvis to balance the weight of the upper half of the body, and also to distribute it down the legs to the feet. These large bones are held together by a web of the strongest ligaments in the body, and by dozens of muscles that firmly hold the parts in place while still allowing a small amount of movement across the “SI”, or Sacro-Iliac joints. When injury or muscle imbalances destabilize the pelvis, intense pain and inflammation can affect the mobility of the entire body.

How to Tell if SI Joint Instability is causing Pain

There are a number of telltale signs of SI Joint Dysfunction:

  • The sensation of pain on one side of the lower back
  • Pain that radiates into the buttocks, low back, the groin, or the legs
  • Difficulty with activities like rolling over in bed, putting on socks or shoes, getting in or out of a car
  • Stiffness in the low back after sitting for long periods

Is an SI Joint Fusion Appropriate for You?

Only a medical expert can review your symptoms and diagnostics to confirm that a joint fusion can help eliminate your chronic pain, but typical candidates are those for whom traditional methods of pain management have failed, including:

  • Combined treatments of therapies and treatments didn’t work
  • Experience of extreme chronic pain
  • Trauma to the body in the area
  • Postpartum complications (like ligamentous laxity)
  • Adjacent Segment Disease
  • Others specific to the joint, like congenital asymmetry and degenerative osteoarthritis

SI Joint Fusion is a minimally invasive option with a short procedure time and fast recovery time and is approved by most insurances for pain management and improvement of SI joint function.

Has Hip Pain Hampered Your Active Lifestyle?

What activities leave your hips feeling strained? What are your go-to methods for relief? When hip pain becomes a chronic issue and starts to compromise your busy lifestyle, it’s time to seek the help of professionals. At B3 Medical, we focus on providing our patients with individualized, comprehensive care, so your treatments will be effective, and your relief results fast. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for one on one attention and to learn about which options will be best for you!