At B3 Medical, we see healthcare differently – and we’re proud of it. Our team of experts provides the best care possible with cutting-edge pain treatments, all under one roof. Our Carrollwood location hosts a number of incredible physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors working to helping patients live happier, healthier, more active lives. Why should you take your care to Carrollwood? Here are three reasons why B3 Medical is the right choice for you and your family:

1 – We Focus on Innovative, Non-Surgical Treatment

Healing is a multi-faceted process. B3 Medical uses the most advanced technologies and treatment methods to provide integrative, effective and efficient injury care and pain relief.

Three areas where we are paving the way in healthcare:

  • Interventional Pain Medicine

Our wide range of interventional pain procedures provide relief when other treatments may have failed. Led by Dr. Ramirez, a highly respected interventional pain medicine doctor, our program focuses on a patient-centered approach to treat the root of pain, rather than masking it with medication.

  • Regenerative Medicine

From elite athletes to the elderly, we’ve helped patients heal naturally thanks to our proprietary regenerative treatment. B3 Regen is an innovative protocol that combines Mesenchymal stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to promote the body’s natural healing of damaged tissues. It’s among the most exciting recent advances in medicine – now available at B3 Medical!

  • Sports Medicine

Our team of sports medicine doctors treat all of our patients like they’re professional athletes, always working towards improving their performance and maximizing their health. We use cutting-edge strategies designed to enhance sports function, reduce injuries, and increase performance.

2 – We Understand Your Healthcare Needs

Gone are the days when the trusted family physician was able to spend quality time with his patients — current healthcare trends result in demands on your doctor’s time that typically leaves little space for them to hear your concerns.

“In today’s avenue of health care, quality healthcare is hard to come by,” explains Dr. John Goolsby, DC, a resident chiropractor at B3 Medical in Carrollwood.

“Everything is very quick – most medical doctors can spend maybe 30 seconds to a minute with a patient, and then they’ve got to move on. At B3 Medical, I try and make it to where we actually give quality health care to each individual patient on a personal, one-to-one basis.”

At B3 in Carrollwood, we don’t treat you like a number. Here, quality healthcare is a priority and it shows in the way our patients respond to treatment.

3 – We Empower our Patients

If you’re looking for a medical team that’s on your side, dedicated to providing a long-lasting solution to health and wellness, look no further. While some physicians suggest masking your pain with addictive opioids or getting potentially risky surgeries, the B3 Medical team at Carrollwood works hard to provide innovative pain relief with minimally invasive procedures and a wide variety of treatments to support your wellness.

If you’re ready for a compassionate team of professionals that will truly listen to your concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment!