While it’s usually not physically demanding, working in an office can wreak havoc on your body. Sitting at a desk for long hours increases your risk of back pain, one of the most common conditions affecting office workers. Besides causing discomfort and impeding your ability to perform everyday activities, back pain can also develop into chronic pain or permanent disability. Follow these ergonomic-safe tips to alleviate back pain at the office and live a more comfortable and productive life.

Maintain Proper Sitting Posture

Slouching is extremely harmful to your back health because it opposes the natural curvature of your spine. You should sit up vertically to keep your spine in line. Make sure the back of your office chair is upright and adjust the seat until your legs are at a 90-degree angle to your upper body or tilted slightly downward. Also, position your computer screen so that it’s slightly below your eye level, which can help you prevent neck pain.

Take Frequent Breaks

You’ll be more susceptible to back pain if you remain still all day, so you have to move around every now and then. Take a walk every 35 to 40 minutes to give your back a chance to relax. Not only will it help relieve any pressure or discomfort on your spine, taking short breaks has been known to lift mood, combat lethargy, and even dull hunger pangs.

Additionally, you should avoid having lunch at your desk. Instead, walk to a nearby restaurant, open space, or a park to eat if possible. Getting fresh air and changing the scenery around you can have a benefit in your productivity when you return to your desk.

Stretch Your Back

Whenever you feel your back getting stiff or tensed, take a moment to give it a good stretch. Stand up from your chair every two hours and do a number of simple stretches that focus on the back. Besides easing discomfort, stretching also helps keep you alert and improves your blood circulation.

If none of these measures work for you, consider seeking back pain treatment from a reputable physical therapy professional. Helmed by personal injury chiropractor and sports medicine physician Dr. Timothy Bain, B3 Medical is one of the leading providers of back pain treatment in Tampa. Besides back pain management, B3 Medical also provides regen therapies, integrated health care, the B3 Sports Medicine program, and so much more. If you’re experiencing back pain in Tampa, or any other form of physical pain, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.