Have you been trying to find natural pain management options that support and work with your body? Have you been wondering if you qualify for these treatments? At B3 Medical, we have multiple locations throughout Florida, including Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Carrollwood, and Riverview and are we are proud to offer treatments that help our patients feel their best.

What Conditions Qualify for Pain Management?

Back Pain

Back pain can affect each person very differently. The pain can be sharp and sudden, a chronic ache, or both. Pain can affect the upper and lower back, or even shoot down towards your legs. No matter how it’s presented, back pain can often have a serious negative effect on your ability to work, or even relax and enjoy a movie.

Through the wide range of medical disciplines that make up our team of experts, we will be able to take a multi-faceted approach to your unique situation. If you want to avoid surgery, we will do our best to help you find the right non-surgical solution.

Elbow Pain

You don’t have to play tennis or baseball to suffer an elbow injury. Repetitive arm motions or an arm injury of almost any sort can do it. When elbow pain is getting in the way of your daily life, it may be time to consider treatment, especially since these injuries can be slow to heal on their own.

While symptoms of an elbow injury can vary, elbow pain due to overuse often starts off with a dull, aching feeling, and then evolves into sharper pain. If you use your elbow frequently, you could be suffering from an inflammatory condition like tendonitis. Thankfully, surgery isn’t the only way to treat elbow pain, and we offer several non-surgical options that may help you along your road to recovery.

Foot and Ankle Pain

From a twisted ankle to plantar fasciitis, there are many ways chronic pain can arise when it comes to feet and ankles. It can be hard to give your body enough time to rest and heal properly when we need our feet and ankles to move us around!

Our team can help you prevent a minor injury from becoming a more serious one by supporting the body’s healing process. We can treat chronic degenerative disease and acute injuries alike.

Hip Pain

Hips and knees both are under near-constant mechanical stress, so injury and chronic pain are unfortunately common in these areas. The treatments we offer can help increase functionality and decrease your pain.

Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis can both be incredibly frustrating and discouraging, so our team is proud to offer non-surgical treatment options that have stood the test of time. First, we use our cutting-edge image guidance technology to help us inject the hyaluronic acid in the perfect location for optimal results. The hyaluronic acid coats the knee with a protective lubricant that decreases friction and improves comfort levels.

Our next step is to support your knee. We’ll carefully check it for alignment or structure issues, and pick the right knee brace accordingly. A good brace can help redistribute pressure away from the more worn areas of your joint so the knee can move more comfortably.

Why It Works

This process of treatment paired with support and an individualized strengthening program can help restore the muscles around your knee, which will continue to improve the knee’s natural stability over time.

One of the best parts is there’s no downtime to this treatment, so if you’re a good candidate you can walk right out after treatment and carry on with the rest of your day.

Neck Pain

What often starts out as a mild ache can turn into a chronic condition when neck pain isn’t properly treated. Neck pain can result from more obvious causes like a car accident or injury during sports, but it can also come from daily stress being put on it.

If you’re not ready for surgery but want to give your neck some TLC to better your life, our team can help.

Shoulder Pain

A lot of things can lead to shoulder pain; that can make it difficult to pick the right treatment. Rather than guess about what’s causing your pain and try to fix it at home, our team can help you figure out the root of the problem and advise you on treatments we believe have the best chance of helping you.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

Due to their ability to relax the body and provide gentle adjustments, our chiropractors can use their knowledge and experience to provide relief from chronic pain. The goal here is to improve the mobility of your joints as well as healthy functionality across the body as a whole. It may also help improve pinched nerves and injured muscles.

Likewise, massage therapists can provide relief by manipulating soft tissue and stretching stiff muscles. By improving blood flood and flexibility, and reducing tension, massage therapy can be a very helpful tool.

Treatments for Interventional Pain

Pain can come in so many forms and have a plethora of causes. We can help patients who are struggling with chronic pain due to disease, chronic illness, failed surgeries, and more.

Injury and Rehab

Injuries suffered during sports, falls, car accidents and workers’ compensation injuries are all treated by our team here, who will strive to pave the way towards a quick and seamless recovery.

Neuromuscular Therapy

This approach to pain relief is highly specialized and may be able to help bring patients some relief even when other treatments can’t. Neuromuscular therapy targets specific soft tissues for treatment with the goal of balancing the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.

Nutrition Counseling

What we eat can play a big role in how we feel and perform. Our team doesn’t think you have to force yourself into an extreme “fad” diet in order to feel good, but we can analyze your health needs and lifestyle, then offer advice on a diet that will support your activities and your personal goals.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a key way to help treat certain conditions, as well as help our patients recover from an injury. Many people who hear “physical therapy” immediately think of car accidents, but it can also be used to help manage chronic pain like arthritis.

Primary Care

When you think of health, what comes to mind? We believe health is more than the absence of an obvious illness, we want to see our patients live their lives to the fullest.

Whether you have a chronic illness that you want to reign in and get under control, or you just want to give your body the support it needs to carry you through life, we have the tools to help.

Regenerative Medicine

The goal of regenerative medicine isn’t to cover up symptoms so you feel better, the goal is to improve the underlying cause of your discomfort and help your body regenerate itself. This approach can help some patients avoid surgery and still greatly improve their lives.

Sports Medicine

When sports is your passion or livelihood, suffering an injury can be truly devastating. Our training programs can help young or aspiring athletes safely care for their bodies during sports, and our multiple treatments can help you get back on your feet after an injury.

Our team is ready to help you with individualized care and treatment options. We have offices across Florida, including Tampa, and our experts throughout each location are ready to help you better your health. If you’re ready to learn more, contact B3 Medical today for a consultation!