Chronic upper back pain and lower back pain can be debilitating and invasive, reducing your overall quality of life. Our team of experts develops individual treatment plans for each patient, exploring a wide range of non-surgical options to provide you with true, long-lasting relief.

Our Medical Team

We understand that traveling to meet different doctors at multiple locations is exhausting and time-consuming. To alleviate that stress, we offer complete care under one roof.

Each of our six clinics, located in the Tampa Bay Area, comes fully staffed with an intervention team for treating your pain. These experts include board-certified MDs, chiropractors, licensed massage therapists, physical therapists, registered nurses, and athletic trainers. Their goal is to identify the source of your pain and find treatments that match your specific needs and lifestyle in order to restore you to your optimal health and functioning.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Upper Back Pain and Lower Back Pain

At B3 Medical, we don’t want to just mask or medicate your pain. We offer a wide variety of therapies and minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments, ranging from manual adjustments to injection protocols.

Chiropractic Care

Musculoskeletal misalignments of the back can contribute to chronic pain, worsen existing muscle injuries, and reduce your overall functionality. Our chiropractors are trained to manually adjust and manipulate your body back to its correct alignment, which is shown to do more than relieve pain. When the spine is properly aligned, communication between the brain and body improves, which helps your body devote more energy to healing itself.

Regular chiropractic care helps your body build resistance to future injuries and illnesses. With regular maintenance adjustments, your overall health will improve and your symptoms will be much less likely to recur.

Massage Therapy

In this type of therapy, licensed practitioners manipulate your body’s soft tissues to relieve pain and tension. Moreover, massages can restore injured muscles by increasing blood flow to affected areas and by restoring flexibility.

Massage therapy covers far more than just back pain. It is a powerful tool for relieving stress and anxiety and promotes total-body wellness as part of any treatment regimen.

Neuromuscular Therapy

This specialized, soft tissue therapy is designed to relieve specific, targeted areas of pain. Experts include the nervous system in this treatment, using specific stretches and tissue care to restore injured areas and improve functionality.

Neuromuscular therapy often works on specific problems where other approaches fall short. It is known to provide long-term muscular relief, but it also has plenty of other, whole-body benefits. This treatment can lead to better posture and circulation, boost flexibility and strength, and restore your energy levels.

Physical Therapy

This form of rehabilitative treatment helps patients recover from accidents or injuries, and it also helps patients manage chronic pain conditions. If physical therapy is recommended to treat your back pain, our team will perform a comprehensive exam to identify your needs and the best treatment regimen.

Therapy may include core work, stretches, and strength training to restore injured areas. Regimens cover flexibility, endurance, coordination, and balance, making sure that your entire body is receiving treatment and not just the injured area. Whether you are recovering from a sports injury, managing chronic pain, or rehabilitating after an accident, our team is there to get you back to optimal health.

Nutrition Therapy

Though you may not think the way you eat and exercise is linked to your back pain, our experts have found that patients’ quality of life is directly affected by nutrition. Healthy lifestyle changes can improve your energy levels, weight management, and stress, which in turn helps your body heal more easily.

Our nutritionists provide a survey covering a wide range of physiological issues in order to best understand how your body is currently doing. Rather than prescribing textbook diets or exercise routines, they will work with you to develop an individualized health plan that targets your specific goals and gets you on the path to wellbeing.

Back Bracing

Braces can help patients recover from injuries, and they can also help the body re-learn proper posture.

Our clinics offer two kinds of back braces. The first simply corrects the curves of the spine and straightens it. The second, used for injury treatment, stabilizes core muscles around the spine, protecting them from future harm and reducing pain. These braces are custom-fitted to match your body’s specific shape and to treat your particular conditions.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

This regenerative therapy is designed to accelerate healing, using elements drawn from your own blood.

These elements, or growth factors, are drawn out when we spin your blood draw in a centrifuge. Our doctors then apply these growth factors directly to an injured joint or muscle, which promotes and speeds up the body’s natural healing response by bringing stem cells to the damaged area.

PRP is most commonly used to treat tendonitis and arthritis. If our physicians believe PRP is the right response for treating your pain, it will often be used alongside other therapies to restore your best functioning.

Epidural Injections

These minimally invasive injections into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord can treat a number of specific back conditions, such as sciatica, disc herniation, and degenerative disc disease. The treatment primarily reduces inflammation along the spinal column and relieves the resultant pain.

Trigger Point Injections

If you have knots of pain in your back, these trigger points can be relieved with a simple injection of anesthetic, saline, or corticosteroid, depending on what your doctor recommends. These injections will ease the knots in your muscles, helping to relax away the pain.

Facet Joint Injections

These small doses of anesthetic and steroid directly target the joints where individual vertebrae meet in the spine. These help with pain tolerance and will allow you to participate in physical therapy more easily.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

This mild electrical therapy sends stimulation to nerves along the spinal cord and reduces pain by stopping the signals from reaching your brain.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

This treatment reduces symptoms of chronic pain by using radio waves to bring heat to targeted nerve tissues. The heat provides relief by disrupting your spinal column nerves and stopping them from sending pain signals to the brain.

Insurance Coverage

B3 Medical accepts most insurances, including Medicare. If you’re not sure about your coverage, call any of our offices and ask to speak with a benefits specialist. They’ll review your plan with you and advise you on what treatments and therapies are covered under your current plan.

Getting Started

If you’re seeking treatment for your upper back pain or lower back pain, call B3 Medical. We have six offices in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, with clinics in Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Carrollwood, Riverview, Saddlebrook, and Citrus Park.

You don’t have to live with pain—schedule your first visit today and we’ll get you on the path to wellness.