Sports Performance

Sports Performance Expertise in Action
The experts at Bain Sports Performance understand what it takes for elite athletes to achieve peak physical and mental condition. We tap into this knowledge and apply it to create training programs for budding athletes, weekend warriors, on up to the elite professional.
Based on experience working with hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes, we use an effective combination of individual functional assessments, neurological and orthopedic evaluations, along with nutritional workups to provide comprehensive, specialized programs.

couple-doing-sit-ups-shutterstock_74504242-200x300Our Approach to Athletic Recovery and Performance
Sports PerformanceWe assist athletes in maximizing their potential through a carefully crafted assessment and training. As a leader in sports recovery and performance, we employ cutting edge strategies designed to enhance sport function, reduce injuries, and increase performance. The result is a mind and body that can withstand the rigors of athletic performance and resiliently recover from injuries.
Building on our success, we maintain ongoing relationship with athletes as a year round, results-oriented program that complements and improves existing training. Our experience working with athletic trainers and directors means we can support your athletic growth and seamlessly integrate into an existing program.


Our Philosophy on Nutrition
Nourishment is the sustenance of a great athlete. As the food required to keep organisms and cells alive, nutrition presents a critical vehicle for enriching athlete wellness and performance. We use nutritional science to optimize the body’s response to food and leverage molecular biology and biochemistry. To simplify the role of nutrition, we break it down into primary components and educate our patients on the proper nutrition habits that will yield superior results and maintain good health.